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Discover Iconica’s services below and explore new ways to grow your business, increase your sales and become a thought leader in your industry.


As you build your brand and public profile, your content is playing a more important role in engaging your fans and customers, and getting them to take actions such as buying a product or attending an event. For every word written, every article published, and every social media announcement posted, there’s a story you are telling to the world about your brand. Making that story capture people’s attention, and making your customers take a specific action, is one of the most difficult challenges in marketing. Copywriting can transform the fortunes of your brand and elevate it to a new level simply by taking what you already have, and telling stories that resonate with people in your community.

Whether a business needs blog articles, press releases, website copy or product descriptions, we can provide highly engaging content that will have a big impact on brand perception.

PR and communications strategies

Through PR and communications strategies you can increase awareness about your brand, boost employee engagement, attract new partners and become a thought leader in your space. To do this you need to understand how each facet of your business can be leveraged to build a compelling story and ultimately a call-to-action in the world. PR in itself is a broad term, however if you look at each part of your business, from websites to social media pages and product descriptions, you can quickly discover opportunities to enhance your brand in the eyes of your customers, and partners – and provide them with a memorable experience.

Our PR and communications service encompasses both internal and external comms strategies. Businesses can also leverage our media expertise in building news brands to tell compelling stories to their customers through digital platforms.

Press release distribution

Get your press release distributed to a variety of publications and media outlets. We will handle the whole process from start to finish. If you don’t already have a press release, we can also write this for you. Explore our press release distribution service for more details.

Media relations

Getting media coverage for your brand, products and services has the potential to increase your revenue, attract new customers, brand advocates, more social media followers and strategic partners. To do this you need to be able to tell a story about your brand that the media want to share and talk about. How do your products make a difference? What problems do they solve? Do you want to be recognized for your unique knowledge and expertise, or do you want people to learn more about your latest services or new products? Thinking about how you want to be positioned and where your customers are is also part of the media relations strategy. Every news outlet has a specific audience. Targeting the right people with the right message can do wonders for your brand long term – and build your credibility in any industry.

Our media relations service includes securing advertorial placements, pitching to trade and consumer media, working with bloggers, building relationships with the press and leveraging tentpole events including special media days to get brands promoted in the press.


Campaigns can be developed to quickly raise the profile of your brand, its products and services to existing and new customers – reaching thousands or even millions of people over hours, days or weeks. Depending on the brand objectives, campaigns can include elements such as news stories, influencer activations, live streams, real-world concerts, speeches, paid ads with product offers and more. Each campaign is different and prior to the launch of any campaign, the messages, content timelines and objectives need to be mapped out so that your brand can get the highest return on investment, not just in terms of getting new followers and subscribers, but in order to secure brand advocates and customers that want to buy your products and services in the future.

Our campaign service includes developing unique campaigns from concept through to completion including reporting, audience segmenting, content strategy and working with publishers, bloggers, influencers and celebrities.

Media buying

Depending on your business objectives, strategic media buying can provide you with guaranteed product exposure in the marketplace, ensuring your brand is regularly being promoted throughout the year. Media buying encompasses news advertorials, paid blog post placements, social media ads, video pre-rolls, digital displays, influencer promoted posts and more. Each business is unique, therefore the media buying strategy is dependent on what the objectives are and what audiences should be targeted.

Iconica provides a comprehensive media buying service for brands that want to leverage a variety of digital platforms to promote upcoming product releases, events, new services and innovations.

Influencer development

Whether you have a large following on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or a successful YouTube channel, it is not always easy to think about the business aspect, and often, influencers struggle to turn their audiences into paying customers. By applying business strategies, influencers can leverage their audiences to turn their passion into an income stream. This goes beyond just getting advertising revenue from ads, which is often not enough to cover basic expenses for many influencers.

Our influencer development service is a tailored programme for people that want to get serious about building a business and leveraging their unique knowledge and talents to make revenue from their fanbase. We help influencers develop platforms such as websites and online stores, teach them how to negotiate brand deals, work with them on contracts, as well as helping them secure press coverage. This also includes supporting influencers with setting up business structures and defining key messaging to help position them in the marketplace for brand deals and new income streams outside of their existing channel monetisation.


As a business owner and/or influencer, there are lots of strategies and techniques you can implement into your brand straight away that will make big improvements in your sales. Whether you are looking to get more exposure, increase conversions, develop authority in a certain industry, or improve your brand experience, there are a number of training modules that we offer that can help you get started. It may be that you are not clear on which area to focus on, or you may already have a lot of experience in one area, but want to improve your knowledge in another. Explore our training options to see what you could learn about your business, and discover new strategies you can implement to start growing your audience, increasing brand credibility and boosting your sales.

Looking for case studies? Please get in contact with us and we will provide further information on each of our services and previous projects.

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